Reviews from Professionals
Who Have Worked with Kaisha S. Huguley

Review #1

"Kaisha was a student in my scene study class at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.  She was hard working, dedicated and set a great example for the rest of the class.  Two things really stick out about Kaisha.  First, she was relentless in her curiosity.  She wanted more, she asked hard and thoughtful questions, she pushed herself to fully understand the concepts we were exploring.  Second, her preparation was superb.  She was always ready with the assignment and took the notes and applied them to her work.  She even raised the level of her classmates.  Kaisha did all of this with a great sense of humor, an openness and a professional demeanor.  She was a leader in her class and a joy to teach."

-Jim Elliott, Acting Teacher, AMDA NYC

Review #2

"Kaisha is a hard working, friendly, and cooperative performer.  She embodies the word "professional."  Her maturity and ability to work as a team player are admirable and make her easily employable.  She is talented, beautiful, and intensely intelligent.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any director, choreographer, producer, music director - to an employer of any kind.  She is a total pleasure."

-Jimmy Kichler, Choreographer and Teacher, AMDA NYC

Review #3

“Kaisha is a diligent, focused, and professional in the classroom. She always works mindfully through exercises, asks intelligent questions, and has made much progress in her dance training. It is a pleasure to work with such an open, energetic, and mature artist.”

-Cynthia Murray-Davis, Ballet Instructor, AMDA NYC

Review #4

"Kaisha played a very complex young woman in the production of Beneath the Surface and an immense emotional range was needed to bring authenticity to this character. This was an undertaking that Kaisha accomplished with grace, beauty, professionalism, and pure talent. Not only did she take directions well, she was able to implement them effortlessly. Her continuous yearning for excellence was refreshing. It was my absolute pleasure working with Kaisha. I would work with her again without hesitation." 

-Pamela Gunby-Washington, Director & Playwright of Beneath the Surface

Review #5

"Working with Kaisha on Voices was an absolute privilege. I love working with actors who come to the table with ideas but also trust me and the process enough for us to create something wonderful together. Kaisha Huguley is that kind of actor and then some. She is talented, beautiful, gracious, and smart -- any director's dream. I can't wait to work with her again."

-Jared Shamberger, Director of Voices the Play

Review #6

"As a writer and producer, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kaisha. She is professional, always on time, prepared, and off book! As an artist, she is infinitely creative. Always looking for some nuance to bring to her character and the script. Her fellow cast members adored her for her consistently positive attitude. As a producer, I love that she is a promoter! Kaisha regularly blogs about the productions she participates in and tells the entire world on social media to come and see the show. She had a fan section at every single performance."

-Ebony Rosemond, Producer and Playwright of Voices the Play

Review #7

"Kaisha was pleasant and enthusiastic. She communicated conflicts in advance and was promptly responsive to correspondence which is critical for production decisions. Kaisha is open to direction without hesitation. I look forward to working with her in the future. A gem!"

-Ronald Benson-El, Director of the Cracked Mask

Review #8

"Kaisha Huguley is like a blank canvas when it comes to the myriad of emotions she can evoke on her face alone. Her devotion to character is formidable. I was so fortunate to have snagged her as the lead character in my 2015 production of Battle of Wills."

-Sherryle Jackson, Director and Playwright of Battle of Wills